Dr. Aadland’s Story

Meet Kristine Aadland, DMD

Here’s my story: 

Raised in Vancouver, Washington, I completed my undergraduate work at Oregon State University, and subsequently went to Oregon Health Sciences University for dental school. In 2006, I graduated with Clinical Honors and returned to my hometown to start practicing as an associate dentist. My goal was always to have my own practice one day. In 2009, when the economy felt uncertain, I took a leap of faith and built my dream practice. I chose to differentiate myself in a competitive marketplace by creating a beautiful, spa-like dental office that utilized technology to make me better and more efficient. I am constantly looking for ways to push the limits of 3D printing and CEREC technology with bridges, implants, orthodontics and my same day smile makeovers. This has all been made possible by  the  extensive continuing education that I do each year and the community I surround myself with who push and encourage me. In 2011, the Vancouver Community awarded me the distinction of “Accomplished and Under 40 Class”. I am also honored to have been nominated by the Vancouver Business Journal as fastest growing businesses in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2015.

It’s so easy to just say “I’ve been lucky”, but the truth is that it has taken hard work and a whole lot of creativity.  I also don’t want to discredit the many other dentists who have followed similar paths and the efforts they have put in. To complete my dental nerdiness, I am a faculty member at Clinical Pathway where I combine my love of education with giving back to those in need through live patient education. This led to obtaining  a faculty membership position for the NYU AEGD program, constantly promoting digital technologies. You could say my passion and energy for dentistry is obvious.

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Audience listening

Kristine Aadland becomes Dr. Aadland

In 2006, I graduated Oregon Health Sciences University Dental School with clinical honors and started an associateship position in my hometown. It didn’t take long for a bigger dream to come to fruition and take off in my heart and my mind.

Aadland Dental’s Doors Open

My dream was always to have my own practice. In 2009, when many dental practices were struggling, I took matters into my own hands and was able to make my dream come true. By creating a beautiful, spa-like dental office that utilized advanced technology to make my services better and more efficient, I was able to differentiate myself in this highly competitive marketplace.

Becoming a Mentor

I’ve been constantly pushing the limits of CEREC technology with bridges, implants, orthodontics, and my same-day smile makeovers. This has all been made possible by attending extensive continuing education courses each year. When I was first asked to be a mentor, I was one out of six women in a group of 300 mentors and saw the need for women leadership in dentistry. I am forever grateful to the cdoc community for this initial push in my professional journey.

Impact Symposium Launches

In 2016, I launched the first Impact Symposium which was a day focused on women in dentistry combining clinical, business, and team-focused topics to enhance their everyday practice and life overall. After opening my own practice, I took a step back to look at what I was achieving and I was proud of what I saw. I was a woman succeeding in a male-dominated field. According to the ADA, less than 35% of dentists are female practice owners and it occurred to me that if women knew they were not alone in their journey, perhaps things would be different.

2016 also marked my first time speaking at a major event called DS World (then known as Sironaworld). That beginner's luck has taken me far because I have been asked to speak at DS World every year amongst other events since then.

Joining The Pathway Family

I joke, kind of, that I bullied my way into the Pathway family as soon as I learned the amount of dentistry they were giving back to the local community. These were educational programs within the United States that related real life dentistry for doctors while giving back.  I saw an opportunity to bring the restorative aspect to what they were accomplishing in the implant world and have been grateful for the opportunity to change the lives of patients who could not otherwise afford the type of dentistry we are able to offer.